The Landscape Architect License Game

iPod touch tablet

Just as I was listening to the Macworld Podcast Imaginary netbook & Pinch Media they were discussing that would not go into the netbook market, but instead create a large iPhone/iPod touch.

iPhoto '09

The new iPhoto '09 which has been released looks like it is going to really bring a big change to the way normal people organise their photo library.

Advertising in Software

One of the things that I don't miss being a Mac user is the amount of advertising that is embedded all over the place.

I don't really care (That much) about advertising in the places where is it a natural place to have it advertising like websites, but below is a screen dump from the Vista power management settings in vista where a chunk of screen realestate is taken up is taken up by the "Customized by Toshiba Corporation"

I think this is just a waste and is something that people do not want. This is something that you don't see from Apple, and hardly ever on Linux.

Foxtel Australia not very environmentally friendly

As a Foxtel subscriber on the Platinum package I get the Foxtel magazine sent to me every month.
This month as it made the magazine mades it way from the mailbox to the recycle bin without being opened I thought that I must be able to stop this being sent to me.

Overlooked feature for iPhone developers

I was able to get my iPhone with it's release into Australia with the release of the 3g version. I have now had it since it was released and it is a phone that I have loved to have since my old Sony Ericsson T68i.

Now there are a couple of things that I feel is missing from the API that Apple really need to include esp. for a synchronise-able device.

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